Staff Recommendation: What Was Lost: A Novel

O'Flynn, Catherine. What Was Lost: A Novel. 2008. (Fiction Oflyn.C & CD Fiction Oflyn.C)

In 1980s Birmingham, England, young Kate Meaney works seriously hard as a junior detective.  Accompanied by detective in training, Mickey (a toy monkey), she trails suspects around town and at the Green Oaks shopping mall, recording her every observation in a top secret notebook. When she suddenly disappears, suspicion falls on her older friend Adrian, son of a local shopkeeper, though the case remains unresolved. 


Cut to 2003, at the rather malevolent Green Oaks shopping mall, where consumerism doesn’t seem to make anyone very happy.  Adrian’s sister is exasperated with her job as record store manager.  Her friend, bored security guard Kurt, confides that he is haunted by a little girl he has glimpsed on his surveillance cameras.  Could this sighting be linked to a decades old disappearance?  This beautifully crafted, UK prize-winning mystery is both funny and sad, and suspenseful throughout, with a surprising twist at the end. (Susan R., Reader's Services)

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