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Science Fiction & Fantasy Book Discussion Group: Old Man's War

titleWednesday, August 5, 7 pm, Third Floor Seminar Room, Main Library

Evanston Public Library's Science Fiction and Fantasy Book Discussion Group will meet to discuss Old Man's War, by John Scalzi.

John Perry did two things on his 75th birthday.  First, he visited his wife's grave.  Then, he joined the army.  In a hostile universe where Earth is a backwater ripe for alien domination, the army doesn't want young people.  They want people with the knowledge and skills of decades of living.  So John will be given a new body, taken off Earth, and never allowed to return.  He'll serve two years in space, and if he survives, he'll be given a homestead of his own on a distant planet.   John Perry is taking that deal. He has only the vaguest idea what to expect. Because the actual fight, light-years from home, is far, far harder than he can imagine-and what he will become is far stranger.


League of Graphic Novel Readers: Seconds


Tuesday, August 11, 6 pm, Comix Revolution, 606 Davis Street

From the author of the acclaimed Scott Pilgrim series, this is a tale of existential angst, everyday obstacles, young love, and ancient spirits that’s sharp-witted and tenderhearted, whimsical and wise Copies of Seconds will be held at the Reader's Services desk on the 2nd floor and will be available for purchase at Comix Revolution. To register call 847-448-8620 or register online.  


LGBTQ: Not My Father’s Son


Tuesday, August 18, 7 pm, Seminar Room, Main Library

In his unique and engaging voice, Alan Cumming, the acclaimed actor of stage and screen shares the emotional story of his complicated relationship with his father and the deeply buried family secrets that shaped his life and career.


Copies of Not My Father's Son will be held at the 2nd floor desk. Please register online or call 847-448-8620 to get a copy.



History Book Discussion Group: 1491


Wednesday, August 19, 7 pm , Seminar Room, Third Floor, Main Library

Charles C. Mann's 1491: New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus summarizes recent research on Native Americans before Columbus which shows that, contrary to what is often believed, the Americas were filled with complex social organization, including genetic engineering of crops and cities with running water.
Copies of 1491 will be held at the Reader's Services desk on the 2nd floor. To register call 847-448-8620 or register online.  Learn more about the History Book Discussion Group at our blog.



Keepinitreal: The Emperor of Scent

titleTuesday, August 25, 7 pm, Seminar Room, 3rd Floor, Main Library

This book tells of the scientific maverick Luca Turin, a connoisseur and something of an aesthete who wrote a bestselling perfume guide and bandied about an outrageous new theory on the human sense of smell. Drawing on cutting-edge work in biology, chemistry, and physics, Turin used his obsession with perfume and his eerie gift for smell to turn the cloistered worlds of the smell business and science upside down, leading to a solution to the last great mystery of the senses: how the nose works.

Copies of The Emperor of Scent will be held at the Reader's Services desk on the 2nd floor; stop by or call 847-448-8620. Please check the Keepinitreal Blog for author interviews, fun facts, and interesting videos.


African American Literature Discussion: Americanah


Tuesday, August 25, 7 pm, Small Meeting Room, Main Library

Ifemelu and Obinze are young and in love when they depart military-ruled Nigeria for the West. Beautiful, self-assured Ifemelu heads for America, where despite her academic success, she is forced to grapple with what it means to be black for the first time. Quiet, thoughtful Obinze had hoped to join her, but with post-9/11 America closed to him, he instead plunges into a dangerous, undocumented life in London. Fifteen years later, they reunite in a newly democratic Nigeria, and reignite their passion—for each other and for their homeland.

Copies of Americanuh will be held at the Reader's Services desk on the 2nd floor; stop by or call 847-448-8620. For more information, including related  interviews, videos and other websites, see the AAL blog.


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