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I'm So Excited


I'm So Excited. 2013. (DVD Foreign Spanish Im)

This is Almodovar’s return to tradition after his great departure with the torturous, perverse, and wonderful The Skin I Live In.  Back in full control of writing and directing, I’m So Excited is classic Almodovar.  It is colorful, there is a musical number, and it is a celebration of all things sexual.  Based entirely in the fuselage of a plane with broken landing gear, the story just devolves into ridiculousness, sex, drugs, and booze.  It is light and very reminiscent of his early films.  My ultimate opinion is that it doesn’t hold a candle compared to his great works, but it is a fun throwback.  (Kim - Reader's Services)


The Corpse Washer

Antitletoon, Sinan. The Corpse Washer. 2014. (Fiction Anoon.S)

Sinan Antoon is a poet, in reality and figuratively in the form of this novel.  Jawad is in his delicate teen years in Baghdad torn between passion and tradition.  He wants to be a sculptor but his Shi’ite family has washed and shrouded corpses for generations.  On the brink of war, tradition is more pressing than ever.  Told in a non-linear series of vignettes and dreams, the prose washes over you.  It is beautifully worded and provides an interesting perspective of the war in the Middle East.  (Kim - Reader's Services) 


The Other Way Around

titleKaufman, Sasha. The Other Way Around. 2014. (YA Fiction Kaufm.S)

Misery is recently divorced parents, being one of the only boys in an all-girl school when your mother is the head mistress, sharing your bed over the Thanksgiving holiday with your odious bed-wetting cousin, and wanting to spend the holiday with your grandmother whom no one has mentioned to you has died. So when, without forethought, Andrew flees his house and hooks up with a group of Freegan circus buskers, no one should be surprised. Except that Andrew surprises himself. He decides to stay with this group of free spirits until he can figure out what he wants and if going home will be a part of that. As for the five Freegans, the vegetarian lesbian is a little too wise to be real and the pretty flirt a bit of a stereotype but each one helps Andrew to grow.

(Nancy E., North Branch)


Darwin's Radio

titleBear, Greg. Darwin's Radio. 1999. (Science Fiction Bear.G)

Charles Darwin was the first naturalist in proposing a solid theory to explain the origin of species in nature. But if species differentiate by their DNA, can individuals from one species give birth to individuals from other species? In a futuristic world a new virus seems to threaten humanity by attacking all the unborn babies and killing them. The detailed descriptions and numerous dialogues give the feeling of watching a movie (Isabel C. - Reader's services).


Mother Ocean, Daughter Sea

title Marcellas, Diana. Mother Ocean, Daughter Sea. 2010. (Science Fiction Marce.D)

Diana Marcellas creates a world in this book were differences are suppressed and magic has no place to be. In a planet called Yarvanett, Brierly needs to find her place, without betraying her identity. This is a book were fantasy and emotions are the dominant elements, but adventure, suspense and genuine characters make this novel an excellent option for those who like to read science fiction and fantasy books. (Isabel C. - Reader's Services)



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