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Wagner & Me

titleWagner & Me. 2010. (DVD B. Wagne.R)

Call me shallow but what stood out the most in Stephen Fry's search to understand why one can love Wagner's music and still be appalled by the man was Fry's awful clothing and hair. At one point, my husband said, "Look, he's wearing the colors of the German flag". That's red pants, black shirt, yellow sports coat. And doesn't he ever wash and comb his hair? This is a commercial video for heaven's sake! The music is glorious, the settings of the Bayreuth Festival in Germany and the lakes in Switzerland are beautiful, the Nuremberg Stadium chilling. Wagner wrote a horrible anti-semitic screed and he was Hitler's favorite composer. Fry admits that, though he doesn't like the man, he certainly accepts both sides of the coin and can revel in the music. You will have to make your own decision.

(Nancy E., North Branch)



titleReichl, Ruth. Delicious!. 2014. (Fiction Reich.R)

Ruth Reichl had to find something to occupy her time after the magazine Gourmet closed abruptly; she had been editor in chief for ten years. So she wrote this charming food centered story (don't read while hungry), about a self-doubting young woman with a perfect tasting palate, finding her way to love and professional success. If you really want to read Ruth Reichl at her best, however, read Tender at the Bone, the first in her autobiographical trilogy.

(Nancy E., North Branch)


Jane Eyre (2011)

titleJane Eyre. 2011. (DVD Drama Jane)

Jane Eyre is exclusively the only classic novel I love.  I dare you name me a better one that includes a deranged wife in the attic…you can’t.  It is dark, weird, and haunting, as all great love stories should be.  And, finally, there is a movie version that shows that.  Michael Fassbender makes the perfect Mr. Rochester with his brooding aloofness.  Mia Wasikowska is plays Jane with the appropriate mix of ingénue and mettle. The setting is stark, beautiful, and ever so creepy.  Aside from the acting and the story, it is simply a beautifully shot film.  (Kim - Reader's Services)   


White Collar

titleWhite Collar. 2010. (DVD TV White)

What do you get when you mix on of the world’s most handsome men, art heists, forgeries, an FBI agent, and an eccentric sidekick?  You get the show White Collar.  And, yes, it’s kind of great.  Every episode features Matt Bomer (the aforementioned beautiful man) as a con man cornered, caught, and turned to work for the Feds taking those like him off the street.  Every episode features a different heist/forgery/robbery and a not so legal way to get it back, courtesy of the criminal blurring the lines of justice.  Equal parts adventure, buddy cop flick, and conspiracy theory, this show is like a 40 minute The Thomas Crown Affair (the good Pierce Brosnan one) every week.  The storylines get better and the show finds its voice during the latter half of Season 2 on.  (Kim - Reader's Services)      


Maria Wern

titleMaria Wern. 2011. (DVD TV Maria)

I admit, I'm an addict--these Nordic TV crime series have me hooked. With complex plots, characters with "issues," interesting landscapes in the fjords and more, I find them just exotic enough to be better than most of our homegrown crime shows. Detective Maria Wern, a young widow with two impossibly blond children, takes a job with the police force on the resort island of Gotland not expecting to find such a full roster of gruesome crimes. Gutsy, intuitive, tenacious, Maria throws herself into a case as a way to cope with her grief for her husband who died two years earlier. An old flame comes to work at the station and the interplay between them adds a nice dimension. There's the right touch of comic relief with the banter and joshing of her colleagues at the station, and the gorgeous coastal scenery offers some escape from the truly horrible murders in their casebook.

(Barbara L., Reader's Services)



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