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The Grand Budapest Hotel

titleThe Grand Budapest Hotel. 2014. (DVD Comedy Grand)

Generally, I do not care for Wes Anderson’s movies.  The Royal Tenenbaums – hated it.  Moonrise Kingdom – could not understand why people were laughing.  I always found his movies too quirky to be cute, or even weird.  It’s like he was trying too hard to fill this niche of odd charm that Hollywood as a whole neglects.  But he always failed, in my opinion.  This movie, which I went into full well expecting to hate, was soooo fun.  I was initially drawn to it because it had Adrien Brody and Edward Norton, two of the great actors of our time.  To my surprise, it was funny, smart, and truly charming.  The cast of characters and the characters they play are absolutely ridiculous, which just makes it fun.  It is light and weird and really an enjoyable way to pass the evening.  (Kim - Reader's Services)      


The Martian


Weir, Andy. The Martian. 2014 (Science Fiction Weir.A)

Six days into a month-long mission to Mars, a huge dust storm forces NASA to evacuate. During the evacuation, astronaut Mark Watney is injured and presumed dead by his crew mates, who barely make it off the planet alive. When he awakens, Watney discovers that he's been abandoned on Mars with no way to communicate with Earth or his fellow astronauts speeding away above him. What follows is a fast-paced, gripping tale of survival and technical ingenuity. More knowledgeable reviewers than I have given their stamp of approval to the science behind the story, but what kept this librarian turning the page was Watney's likeable, and sometimes hilarious, internal dialog. Rumor has it Matt Damon is set to star in a Ridley Scott-directed movie based on the book. (Heather N. Reader's Services)

The Original Sinners Series

titleReisz, Tiffany. The Original Sinners Series. 2014. (Paperbk Romance Reisz.T)

A priest, a writer, and a bisexual playboy walk into a bar.  No, not really a bar and this is no joke.  These are the three main characters that inhabit the Original Sinners series by Tiffany Reisz, the steamiest romance books on the shelves.  These are definitely not for the virgin romance reader (pun intended).  They include hardcore BDSM, homosexuality, polyamory, and a sinfully sexy priest.  I really enjoy this series because there is an actual story and well developed characters, which cannot be said for most romance novels.  Each book builds upon the last adding more characters, sex, love, and understanding.  In addition to a good story, they are really quite steamy, and educational even.  If you are going to jump into the romance/erotica pool, than you might as well do a cannonball into the deep end. (Kim - Reader's Services) 


I'm So Excited


I'm So Excited. 2013. (DVD Foreign Spanish Im)

This is Almodovar’s return to tradition after his great departure with the torturous, perverse, and wonderful The Skin I Live In.  Back in full control of writing and directing, I’m So Excited is classic Almodovar.  It is colorful, there is a musical number, and it is a celebration of all things sexual.  Based entirely in the fuselage of a plane with broken landing gear, the story just devolves into ridiculousness, sex, drugs, and booze.  It is light and very reminiscent of his early films.  My ultimate opinion is that it doesn’t hold a candle compared to his great works, but it is a fun throwback.  (Kim - Reader's Services)


The Corpse Washer

Antitletoon, Sinan. The Corpse Washer. 2014. (Fiction Anoon.S)

Sinan Antoon is a poet, in reality and figuratively in the form of this novel.  Jawad is in his delicate teen years in Baghdad torn between passion and tradition.  He wants to be a sculptor but his Shi’ite family has washed and shrouded corpses for generations.  On the brink of war, tradition is more pressing than ever.  Told in a non-linear series of vignettes and dreams, the prose washes over you.  It is beautifully worded and provides an interesting perspective of the war in the Middle East.  (Kim - Reader's Services) 


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