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Extreme Exposure

Clare, Pamela. Extreme Exposure 2005. Fiction Clare, D

There is something about digging into a series, and getting to know a team of characters.  Ever since I read the Medusa Project by Cindy Dees, I've been hooked on strong female protagonists who "bring" the romantic suspense.

Perhaps because I discovered Pamela Clare on Julie James' Goodreads page, I assumed I would enjoy the I-Team books.  Extreme Exposure, the first book about a team of hard-driving investigative reporters, is fast-paced and well written.  If your looking for your next Suzanne Brockmann or Linda Howard, this could be it.  

-Juliette S.  


A Big Storm Knocked It Over

Colwin, Laurie. A Big Storm Knocked It Over. 1993. Fiction Col.

Acclaimed author Laurie Colwin explores themes of love, marriage, careers, motherhood and friendship in this book that covers the life of late thirty something Jane Louise, an insecure Manhattan book designer recently married to calm, steady, reliable chemist Teddy. Jane Louise, who lived a sort of nomadic existence as a child, struggles to adjust to her new life of marriage and potential children and has a yearning that she can’t put her finger on. Published posthumously, Colwin has wisdom about her writing and a way of making her characters very real and humanly flawed that I find very readable. You continue thinking about her books long after you have finished reading them.

Rika G.


The Borrower

Makkai, Rebecca. The Borrower. 2011. (Fiction Makka.R)

When the word "borrower" is used in conjunction with a story set at a public library, one would expect it to refer to a patron who checks out books. In this refreshing first novel, that is most certainly not the case. When the adventure begins, it's not clear that "borrower" refers to books at all. Did Lucy Hull, children's librarian in Hannibal, Missouri borrow (i.e., kidnap) 10-year old Ian Drake, a regular who connives with Lucy to get books his mom won't allow him to read; or did Ian camp out overnight at the library with the clear intention of hijacking Lucy and trapping her into helping him runaway?

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Maisie Dobbs

Winspear, Jacqueline. Maisie Dobbs. 2003. (Mystery Winsp.J)

I am mystified as to why it took so long for me to discover this delightful series. I kept seeing it come and go from the library, but it still didn't catch on till just recently that for someone who relishes mysteries set in England during the period between the wars and featuring a spunky, but sober-minded young woman, Winspear's books are just the ticket.

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No Way Renee: The Second Half of My Notorious Life

Richards, Renee. No Way Renee: The Second Half of My Notorious Life. 2007. B Richa.R 

I vaguely remember the 1976 controversy when tennis amateur Renee Richards became the first transgendered person to play on the circuit, however after recently catching the documentary Renee on cable I wanted to know more. The documentary covered Dick Raskin turned Renee Richards’ personal and professional life, both as a gifted tennis player and talented ophthalmologist. She seemed to me to be such a paradox, moving from the east coast to California post surgery to begin her new life as a woman and yet also entering tennis tournaments that were sure to uncover the secret she claimed she desperately wanted to hide. Wanting to know more about her life, I sought out Richards’ second book, No Way Renee, which focuses on the second half of her life, post gender change. She takes the reader through the highs and lows of her life thus far, and let’s us in on the joys and regrets she has faced. Richards is an honest and unapologetic narrator and her story makes for an interesting read.

Rika G.


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