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Mother Ocean, Daughter Sea

title Marcellas, Diana. Mother Ocean, Daughter Sea. 2010. (Science Fiction Marce.D)

Diana Marcellas creates a world in this book were differences are suppressed and magic has no place to be. In a planet called Yarvanett, Brierly needs to find her place, without betraying her identity. This is a book were fantasy and emotions are the dominant elements, but adventure, suspense and genuine characters make this novel an excellent option for those who like to read science fiction and fantasy books. (Isabel C. - Reader's Services)



A Creature of Moonlight

titleHahn, Rebecca. A Creature of Moonlight. 2014. (YA Fiction Hahn.R)

In this enchanting tale of mysterious disappearances, encroaching woods, magical creatures, a young flower seller must decide whether to embrace her royal title and risk being murdered by her uncle the king, or run away to find her unknown father who might be a dragon.  While royal life is romantic, easy and dangerous, the magnetic appeal of the invisible may be equally dangerous but freeing. Told in language rich, lyrical and startling, this story captivated me.

(Nancy E., North Branch)


Ruddy Gore


Ruddy Gore. 2006. (CD Mystery Green.K)

Most of Kerry Greenwood’s 1920s-era mysteries are so light and frothy they could be dessert. This 7th book in the series centers around the theater world. During a production of Gilbert & Sullivan’s operetta Ruddigore several actors are poisoned, a ghost runs rampant, and 2 murders occur – all requiring the investigative skills of the beautiful free-spirited Phryne Fisher. This is also the story where we are introduced to Phryne’s Chinese lover Lin Chung –and get a glimpse of the anti-Chinese sentiment in Melbourne during that time. A lot of characters and subplots will keep you on your toes – but it won’t take away from the book’s appeal. And, if you listen to the audiobook, which I highly recommend, you will have the added pleasure of hearing wonderful narrator Stefanie Daniel sing some of Gilbert & Sullivan’s songs. (Laura, Reader's Services)



titleFossum, Karin. Broken. 2006. (Mystery Fossu.K)

Fossum is a master of the psychological mystery-thriller. She plays with our anxieties and  paints a canvas of disturbed people and bizarre crimes committed in the quiet suburbs of Oslo. The violence is mostly off-stage, but the chill one feels is very present. In this unusual tale, the main character, an author, is beset by the fictional characters stored away in her imagination. They wait silently on her front lawn until she gives them life in one of her stories. One, however, a man she named Alvar, is more insistent and compels her to tell his story when he breaks into her bedroom one night (or, is it her dreams he breaks into?). The story is of a lonely man who finds his life taken over by a teenage runaway when he kindly offers her some hot coffee in the art gallery where he works. It's the classic good deed gone bad scenario but with Fossum's twists and the unusual framing of Alvar's story, it's much more.

(Barbara L., Reader's Services)


Mannequin Girl

titleLitman, Ellen. Mannequin Girl. 2014. (Fiction Litma.E)

In Russia, a mannequin girl is a model on the cover of a magazine.  Kat wants nothing more than to be her parents' mannequin girl, perfect, smart, flawless, noticed. Unfortunately, Kat has a crooked spine, forcing her adored parents to enroll her in a therapeutic boarding school for children with differing degrees of spinal malformations. The teachers vary in kindness, prejudice and caring as do the students.  When Kat's parents, mildly dissident teachers, are hired at the school a few years after Kat's advent, she is thrilled but discovers they have many more concerns and many more children now to worry about. When her parents' marriage starts to implode, each member of the family acts out to various and painful degrees. Kat, in order to discover who she is, must finally separate her will from her parents' needs. Young adults may find this coming-of-age tale more appealing than adults, though the glimpses into Russian life are fascinating.

(Nancy E., North Branch)


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