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The Vacationers

titleStraub, Emma. The Vacationers. 2014. (Fiction Strau.E)

Ah, the family vacation. Imagine--four or more (in this case more) people together for two weeks in a rented house in Mallorca with the beach, the quaint town, the pool, and little else to occupy them. Idyllic yes? For the Post family and a couple of almost-family close friends, the sojourn is so fraught with tension, the charms of sunny Spain take second place. Jim has retired early from his beloved job at Gallant magazine. Actually, he was asked to leave after he had an affair with an intern. Franny, his wife, is so angry, she's thinking of divorce, but determined to have a nice family gathering nonetheless.

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Hide Me Among the Graves

TitleHide me among the graves. Powers, Tim. 2012. Science Fiction Power.T.

In Victorian London, a war between the Rosettis and a vampire called John Polidori is about to start. The reason: A young woman who must choose between immortality and a simple life as a human. Full of historical references as figures, philosophical movements and events, this fantastic story feels real. Drama and suspense are ensured in this strongly recommended novel! (Isabel C., Reader's Services)


The Scar

TitleThe Scar. Diachenko, Serhii. 2012. Science Fiction Dyach.S.

A story reminiscent of the style of old fairytales, but adapted to the brutality of a world where duels, mages, curses, and plagues are a constant. How can someone that had everything recover after losing all he knows and fight with his own demons? This is a magnificent story that will keep you at the edge of your seat until the end. (Isabel C., Reader's Services)



TitleBlackout. Willis, Connie. 2010. (Science Fiction Willis.C).

If you are interested in specific details about the German attacks on Great Britain during World War II, this is a book you should read. Connie Willis interweaves historical facts and the adventures of three history students from Oxford University who travel from the year 2060 to different places in Great Britain during the War to get information for their assignments. But something is going wrong with the time transportation system: The time portal is not opening and the students might be trapped forever in this period. The end of the book will make you want to immediately read the following book, “All Clear”. (Isabel C., Reader's Services)


Tell the Wolves I'm Home

titleBrunt, Carol Rifka. Tell the Wolves I'm Home. 2012. (Fiction Brunt.C)

My first thought when this novel was pushed on me was, "Oh, please, not another coming-of-age story!" But as my luck had it, this was an exceptionally heartfelt COAS with a credible protagonist who has convincing teenage angsty feelings. It's 1987; June has just lost her beloved Uncle Finn due to the scary scourge of AIDS; her sister is cruel and growing away from her; her parents are self-involved. Then Finn's unknown lover calls June and she discovers that Finn has asked her to take care of Toby and asked Toby to take care of her. June, always insecure and self-doubting, plunges into a relationship that she must keep hidden from her parents and sister, leading her to eventual self-knowledge and someday, forgiveness. Of course, that's because it's a COAS, but I couldn't put it down because it's a good one. Just start it and you'll be hooked, too.

(Nancy E., North Branch)


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