titleWednesday, August 5, 7 pm, Third Floor Seminar Room, Main Library

Evanston Public Library's Science Fiction and Fantasy Book Discussion Group will meet to discuss Old Man's War, by John Scalzi.

John Perry did two things on his 75th birthday.  First, he visited his wife's grave.  Then, he joined the army.  In a hostile universe where Earth is a backwater ripe for alien domination, the army doesn't want young people.  They want people with the knowledge and skills of decades of living.  So John will be given a new body, taken off Earth, and never allowed to return.  He'll serve two years in space, and if he survives, he'll be given a homestead of his own on a distant planet.   John Perry is taking that deal. He has only the vaguest idea what to expect. Because the actual fight, light-years from home, is far, far harder than he can imagine-and what he will become is far stranger.


titleWednesday, July 1, 7 pm, Third Floor Seminar Room, Main Library

Evanston Public Library's Science Fiction and Fantasy Book Discussion Group will meet to discuss The Cloud Roads, by Martha Wells.

The Cloud Roads is the story of Moon, who has spent his life hiding what he is -- a shape-shifter able to transform himself into a winged creature.  An orphan with only vague memories of his own kind, Moon tries to fit in among other tribes in a richly described, wholly original world - with mixed results.  Just as Moon is once again cast out by an adopted tribe, he discovers a shape-shifter like himself...someone who seems to know exactly what he is, and where he belongs.  But can this new friend be trusted?  



Tuesday, May 5, 7 pm, Community Meeting Room, Main Library

Learn how to estimate your monetary retirement needs and then answer the two biggest questions: Do I have enough money to retire? And…Will my money last me a lifetime?  Join Financial Planner Graham Craig as he discusses the various sources of retirement income--Social Security, personal savings, employee benefits and more; how to maximize each of these; and how to determine tax implications.  Registration is requested but not required.  Register online or call the Reference Desk at 847-448-8630.


title Thursday, October 8, 7 pm, Community Meeting Room, Main Library

In conjunction with the exhibit, "Evanston Ties the Knot," on view at the Evanston History Center and featuring a dazzling display of wedding finery, all from EHC’s extensive collection, exhibit curator, Janet C. Messmer will take an historic look at a spectacular selection of bridal gowns and garments and accessories worn by the various members of a wedding party from the 19th century through the present.


From engagements and showers, to ceremonies, receptions and wedding trips, Janet Messmer will also explore a range of wedding-related topics as she examines the myriad customs that have surrounded “getting hitched.” She will also provide a look at the historical evolution of Evanston weddings, exploring the rise of the bridal shop, the first use of white for wedding dresses, and a lot more.


Read more: EPL and EHC Present: "Evanston Ties the Knot"


altSunday, October 4, 3 pm, Community Meeting Room, Main Library

Simon and Wei-Tung are a gay couple living together in Manhattan. To defer the suspicions of Wei-Tung's parents, Simon suggests a marriage of convenience between Wei-Tung and Wei-Wei, an immigrant in need of a green card. When Wei-Tung's parents come to America for the wedding, they insist upon an elaborate banquet, resulting in several complications.   The Wedding Banquet. (DVD 2004).

Run Time: 106 minutes

Rated: R (for language)

This movie is presented as a partner program to the Evanston History Center's exhibit "Evanston Ties the Knot". 


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