Bluestem Award List 2018-19


Ms. Bixby's Last Day

Title: Ms. Bixby's Last Day
By: Anderson, John David
Published: 2016


Title: Whoosh!
By: Barton, Chris
Published: 2016

Counting Thyme

Title: Counting Thyme
By: Conklin, Melanie
Published: 2016

The Secret Subway

Title: The Secret Subway
By: Corey, Shana
Published: 2016

Game Changer

Title: Game Changer
By: Coy, John
Published: 2015


Title: Moo
By: Creech, Sharon
Published: 2016

City of Ember

Title: City of Ember
By: DuPrau, Jeanne
Published: 2003

Diamond Willow

Title: Diamond Willow
By: Frost, Helen
Published: 2008

A Tangle of Knots

Title: A Tangle of Knots
By: Graff, Lisa
Published: 2013

Ugly: A Memoir

Title: Ugly: A Memoir
By: Hoge, Robert
Published: 2016

Ada's Violin

Title: Ada's Violin
By: Hood, Susan
Published: 2016

Fish in a Tree

Title: Fish in a Tree
By: Hunt, Lynda Mullaly
Published: 2015

Amina's Voice

Title: Amina's Voice
By: Khan, Hena
Published: 2017

I Dissent

Title: I Dissent
By: Levy, Debbie
Published: 2016

A Handful of Stars

Title: A Handful of Stars
By: Lord, Cynthia
Published: 2015


Title: Wish
By: O'Connor, Barbara
Published: 2016

Project Mulberry

Title: Project Mulberry
By: Park, Linda Sue
Published: 2005

What Was the Great Chicago Fire?

Title: What Was the Great Chicago Fire?
By: Pascal, Janet B.
Published: 2016

Funny Bones

Title: Funny Bones
By: Tonatiuh, Duncan
Published: 2015

The Story of Diva and Flea

Title: The Story of Diva and Flea
By: Willems, Mo
Published: 2015

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