A Bend in the Stars by Rachel Barenbaum

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Adult , Fiction , History , Romance , Science

A Bend in the Stars by Rachel Barenbaum

Title: A Bend in the Stars
By: Barenbaum, Rachel
Published: 2019
Call #: Fiction Baren.R

This combination of thriller, history, romance and physics is a whir of action, danger and close escapes. Miriam Abramov and her brilliant mathematician brother Vanya live in 1914 Kovno. She is the first female surgeon in the Jewish hospital, engaged to another doctor. Vanya is a lecturer at the university. Vanya is working desperately to prove Einstein’s theory of relativity before his superior can steal and publish more of his ideas as his own. Russia is a land of impending doom for the Jews whom the Czar is conscripting for the front lines in the new war against the Germans. Miri, her fiance, and her brother are forced to flee for their lives but first, Vanya has to find the American scientist who has come to photograph the solar eclipse so that, with his own calculations and the photo proving that gravity bends light, he will be able to receive an offer from Harvard, allowing him to take his family to America. The brutality, separations, loss, occasional respites, and love triangle make for breathtaking reading.


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