An Elderly Lady is up to No Good by Helene Tursten

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Adult , Fiction , Mystery

An Elderly Lady is up to No Good by Helene Tursten

Title: An Elderly Lady is up to No Good: stories
By: Helene Tursten
Published: 2018
Call #: Mystery Turst.H

Meet Maud. She’s a spunky octogenarian you don’t want to annoy. Her solution to being annoyed is to get rid of the offender. She is diabolically clever, thorough, and completely untroubled by a conscience. Maud is a classic example of a murderous, sociopathic, narcissistic little old lady. Very spry (able to climb the scaffold outside her apartment!), she grabs her totally unnecessary walker, shuffles along and dodders when needed so that nobody would ever dream that she commits gruesome murders. When her former fiance (Maud never married him, alas, but he still holds a place in her heart) is about to marry a much younger gold digger, there’s a terrible accident at the pool and the old man is saved from a miserable marriage. When a loud, abusive husband who lives upstairs disturbs her sleep, Maud knows just how to shut him up.  A greedy antiques dealer who thinks he can cheat a harmless elderly person, well, Maud shows him. You get the idea. Tursten, author of the Detective Irene Huss mysteries, has crafted a delightful book of connected short stories. This teeny, tiny book (think Beatrix Potter-size) is charming and chilling at the same time.


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