Big Sky by Kate Atkinson

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Big Sky by Kate Atkinson

Title: Big Sky
By: Kate Atkinson
Published: 2019
Call #: Fiction Atkin.K

Jackson Brodie is back and it seems his biggest challenges these days are maintaining a good parent-child relationship with his moody, teenage son and tending to his beloved, aging Labrador. Settling in to a new home in a quiet seaside village with occasional income from lightweight detecting work–trailing spouses suspected of cheating–Brodie is easily distracted from this if his highly sensitive “child-in-danger” alarm starts jangling. Atkinson’s characters here are a dodgy bunch of fellows who are living the affluent life with big houses, big cars, attractive wives, leisurely golf games and, oh yes, a sideline business that is highly illegal not to mention despicable. When one of the wives hires Jackson to see if her husband is having her followed, and one of the other wives ends up dead from an attack with a golf club, the game is afoot as some other detective once said. A fun read filled with wit and a satisfyingly twisty plot that moves along at a nice clip.


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