Crooked Heart by Lissa Evans

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Adult , History , Humor , Young Adult

Crooked Heart by Lissa Evans

Title: Crooked Heart
By: Evans, Lissa
Published: 2014
Call #: Fiction Evans.L

I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this charming story, though I’m sure this will be just as delightful on the page, electronic or otherwise. Noel, raised by his well-educated, practical and rebellious godmother in London, becomes, after her death, a war evacuee and is settled with an anxious, uneducated, unsuccessful petty crook. Vera is not very good at planning or seeing consequences. It turns out the Noel is. Living with Vera’s lump of a son and her mute, letter-writing mother, someone must provide for the family. The team of Noel and Vera, stuck with each other, devise various clever schemes, as they argue about the values of legality versus morality.


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