Father Brown TV series [seasons 1-6]

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Adult , Mystery , Televison

Father Brown TV series [seasons 1-6]

Title: Father Brown
Published: 2013
Call #: DVD TV Father Season 1

Golly, there are a lot of murders in Kembleford! And if it weren’t for clever, observant and somewhat nosy Father Brown of St. Mary’s Catholic church, played by the perfectly cast Mark Williams (Mr. Weasley from Harry Potter), not a single one of them would be solved. Charm and period quaintness (early 1950s) abound in the popular BBC series based on G. K. Chesterton’s books. Father Brown always annoys the local Chief Inspector, but persists in butting in. He enlists the help of his trusty crew–Mrs. McCarthy, parish secretary and renowned gossip, Lady Felicia, stylish and sophisticated, always game for a bit of adventure, and Sid Carter, the Lady’s chauffeur and only partially reformed petty criminal. Lest you think this is just one of those cozy mysteries, I can assure you the plots are twisty, the dialog witty, the theology minimal, the scenery lovely, and the acting up to top-notch British standards. A fun watch that’s sure to offer an escape from 21st century angst.


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