Foundryside by Robert Jackson Bennett

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Adult , Fiction , Science Fiction/Fantasy

Foundryside by Robert Jackson Bennett

Title: Foundryside
By: Bennett, Robert Jackson
Published: 2018
Call #: Fiction Benne.R

Free will and the freedom to use it are all that Sancia , twenty year old resourceful orphan, wants. Oh, and enough money to buy food for herself. This latest thieving job is way overpaid so she is sure to have enough food for a good long time.  It sounds like it will be easy. The fantasy equivalent of mad car chases, lots of shoot ’em up, constant action and surprises follow. What she was sent to steal turns out to be much more important than anyone knows. And much much much more trouble. It could destroy the world as they know it. This is Part One of a trilogy. I can’t wait for Part Two.


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