French Exit by Patrick deWitt

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Adult , Fiction

French Exit by Patrick deWitt

Title: French Exit
By: deWitt, Patrick
Published: 2018
Call #: Fiction Dewit.P

Frances is an awful human being, so self-absorbed that when she finds her despised husband unexpectedly home and unexpectedly dead, she grabs the suitcase that she had popped in to get and continues on to her ski weekend. I’d hate her if she weren’t so entertaining. Until recently, she was wealthy, envied, and feared. Now she’s poor, only $100,000 or so left. Having to sell all her properties, artwork, and jewelry leaves her feeling life is no longer worth living. So she orders her devoted thirty-something year old son to accompany her to an apartment a friend is lending her in Paris while she devises a plan to…Well, I won’t spoil the deliciousness. Absurd and absurder.


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