Into Oblivion

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Adult , Mystery

Into Oblivion

Title: Into Oblivion
By: Arnaldur Indridason
Published: 2015
Call #: Mystery Arnaldu

I must be a glutton for punishment. On the coldest day in decades (-21 degrees, not a windchill number!), I dive into an Icelandic murder mystery.  The oblivion referred to in the title is the vast, empty, ice-filled expanses of the country so far north that in winter there only about 4 hours of gloomy daylight. And, of course, in a small piece of this oblivion a body is discovered floating in a geothermal pool. Set in 1979, an era of tense international relations. the local police detecting team of Erlendur and Marion are stymied at every turn of their investigation since the victim worked at the U.S. Army Air Force base and was thrown to his death off a scaffold in a huge hangar where covert materials and unregistered flights were handled. The U.S. authorities are not cooperative at all except for one young military police sergeant, Caroline Murphy, a savvy black woman who is intrigued by the investigation. A parallel plot involves the informal re-opening of a cold case from over 20 years earlier of a young woman who disappeared with no trace on her way to school–a case that has fascinated Erlendur ever since he followed the news stories as a kid.  So fortunately, the cold and ice only figured a little bit in the story, but somehow it was a good read to have as I nestled under a down throw on my sofa and watched the temperature here plummet.


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