Morbid Curiosities by Paul Gambino

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Morbid Curiosities by Paul Gambino

Title: Morbid Curiosities: Collections of the Uncommon and the Bizarre
By: Paul Gambino
Published: 2016
Call #: 790.132 Gambi. P

I knew I was not the only one who loves serial killers…and this book proves it.  Detailing the collections of 17 individuals, this book gives you a peek into the macabre.  From shrunken heads and mummified hands to John Wayne Gacy Clown paintings and a hangman’s noose, these collectors don’t shy away from what makes other people uncomfortable.  Nathan Roberts, who showcases one of the more lurid collections, says he collects and preserves these items because “[i]t’s a section of history that many people want to pretend never happened.”  I find that fascinating and, had I money, I’d love to have wax figure or two.


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