My Not So Perfect Life by Sophie Kinsella

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Adult , Chick Lit , Fiction

My Not So Perfect Life by Sophie Kinsella

Title: Sophie Kinsella
By: My Not So Perfect Life
Published: 2017
Call #: Fiction Kinse.S

I love Sophie Kinsella’s books because they always make me laugh out loud. Her characters are fun and have a lot of heart. They always manage to get themselves into sticky situations and then make their way out of them with a happy ending for all at the end of the book. My Not So Perfect Life is no exception. Katie Brenner is low man on the totem pole at the marketing company she works for. She Instagrams pictures of her fabulous life in London for all her friends to see… well, at least, the pictures make her look like she has a fabulous life. The food she posts she can’t afford to actually purchase—she just takes pictures of other people’s food and makes out as if she’s eaten it herself. She lives in a flat with less than desirable roommates and her boss doesn’t even remember her name. Demeter, the woman Katie works for, seems to have a perfect life: beautiful house, beautiful kids, adoring husband and a fantastic wardrobe. After a particularly humiliating incident at work involving roots and a box of hair dye, Demeter lets Katie go. Determined to find a new job for herself, Katie takes a break from London and moves back home to the farm where she grew up to help her father set up a new business venture. With Katie’s help, the farm becomes one of the trendiest vacation spots and all seems to be going well… until Demeter and her family show up as guests.

What I found different about this book than most of Kinsella’s others is that while there is a romance in the story, it plays second fiddle to Katie’s growth as a person. This makes My Not So Perfect Life feel like a text with much more substance than Kinsella’s previous work (although don’t get me wrong—this is still fluffy, somewhat predictable chick lit). If you’re looking for a fun beach read this summer, definitely pick this one up!


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