Slade House by David Mitchell

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Adult , Science Fiction/Fantasy

Slade House by David Mitchell

Title: Slade House
By: Mitchell, David
Published: 2015
Call #: Science Fiction Mitch.D

Slade House follows the events at Slade House, a house whose entrance is only openable by a special type of person at very specific times. The book spans from 1970, when a boy and his mother made the unfortunate mistake of visiting the house to meet the mysterious Lady Gray, through the ‘90s, when a young college girl disappears at a party at Slade House and her sister tries to look for her years later. David Mitchell does a great job of creating an atmosphere of suspense, even though the reader is aware of the antagonists early on. The reader knows what will happen next and can only watch as Slade House’s victims march to their seemingly inevitable doom as the antagonists draw them in and use their deepest fears, insecurities, hopes, and desires to entrap them. As the novel unfolds, the author allows the readers to catch a wider glimpse into the world of the inhabitants of the Slade House, and the explosive ending is cathartic to say the least. My only criticism of this book is that the author hits you over the head with the big reveal, which makes the antagonist seem like a mustache twirling, cartoonish villain. That said, David Mitchell is an incredible story teller and reading Slade House makes me want to read his other books, particularly Bone Clocks since apparently Slade House takes place in the same world.


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