The Alice Network by Kate Quinn

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Adult , Fiction , History , Romance

The Alice Network by Kate Quinn

Title: The Alice Network
By: Quinn, Kate
Published: 2017
Call #: Fiction Quinn.K

Based on the true stories of the brave and intrepid women spies of WWI, this novel flies with excitement, terror, dread. Told in two voices, that of the spy Eve Gardiner, code name Marguerite, as she is recruited and, in spite of enormous fear, acts with great ingenuity, and of Charlie St. Claire, an unmarried pregnant college girl who in 1947 is trying to find her beloved cousin who disappeared in WWII in France. They meet, Charlie facing a drunk Eve’s Luger, and form a triumverate with Eve’s Scottish driver, an angry WWII veteran, and begin searching both for Rose, Charlie’s cousin, and for the man who tortured and turned Eve in to the Germans. The history is chilling but there is triumph in the success of the spies who as women were underestimated by their enemies.


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