The Body: a guide for occupants by Bill Bryson

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The Body: a guide for occupants by Bill Bryson

Title: The Body: a guide for occupants
By: Bill Bryson
Published: 2019
Call #: 612 Bryso.B

Everyone’s got one–a body, that is. Why not find out really interesting stuff about it: how it works, what this part does, what’s good for it, what’s not? That, I’m sure, is what Bill Bryson was thinking when he undertook to dissect (pardon the pun, couldn’t resist) the amazing container in which we all reside. This is not a book for medical experts although they might enjoy a layperson’s perspective. Nor is it a book for those who are squeamish about various bodily functions. Without a condescending note and with plenty of gentle wit, Bryson offers his readers a tour from head to toe, side to side, inside and outside, of a fairly well understood object that nonetheless has many mysteries yet to solve. What he did for the Appalachian Trail and the country of Australia, Bryson now does for something nearer at hand.


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