The Flatshare

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The Flatshare

Title: The Flatshare
By: Beth O'Leary
Published: May 2019
Call #: Fiction O'Leary

Just want to button hole you and say, Read this great book! The Flatshare is a fantastic contemporary romantic comedy written by a millennial for millennial readers, but everyone will enjoy and learn from it.

Tiffy is an underpaid editor at a Crafts & How To publisher looking for a fast way to move out of her newly- ex-boyfriend’s apartment. Leon is a night nurse at a hospice trying to get more money together to help his imprisoned brother prove his innocence.  Leon’s girlfriend interviews Tiffy for the flatshare. (Ms. O’Leary is a British writer.) So although they’ve never met, they share a flat and write notes to each other about which leftovers are fair game. Having myself fallen in love via emails, I truly enjoyed watching these notes and texts go back and forth. Pretty soon, you’d rather spend time with Tiffy and Leon than do just about anything else! A great summer read.  Also the book deals with unjust incarceration and healing from abusive relationships — more meaty and with much deeper character development than any “romance” I’ve ever read.


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