The Goblin Emperor by Katherine Addison

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Adult , Fiction , Science Fiction/Fantasy , Young Adult

The Goblin Emperor by Katherine Addison

Title: The Goblin Emperor
By: Addison, Katherine
Published: 2014
Call #: Science Fiction Addis.K

I listened to this charming story of a young man, unexpectedly pushed into being Emperor of the Ethuveraz, learning to govern while earning his own and others’ respect. Maia, the son of the late Emperor, an imperious and cruel man who is killed in an airship crash, along with the three sons he acknowledges, had been, with his late mother, exiled from court, only attended by a bitterly angry guardian who eschewed instructing him in any but rudimentary lessons. He is thrown into the maelstrom of a court coming to terms with the loss of the strong ruler they had and the unknown and unwanted replacement they now have. Maia is understandably scared and intimidated. He must face many challenges, political and life-threatening. Full of unpronounceable names, the reader is terrific, but I referred to the glossary in the back of the print version to follow who everybody was. There is not to be a sequel. Too bad.


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