The Greenprint: Plant-based Diet, Best Body, Better World

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The Greenprint: Plant-based Diet, Best Body, Better World

Title: The Greenprint: plant-based diet, best body, better world
By: Marco Borges
Published: 2018
Call #: 641.5636 Borge. M

This book is a long pep talk written by Marco Borges who helped various clients transition to a plant-based lifestyle. Two of his most famous clients, Jay-Z and Beyonce introduce the book: “We want to challenge you, as we challenge ourselves, to move toward plant-based foods.

The first half of the book is a explanation of the 22 Greenprint Laws (Marco Borges’ basic approach). The first is Eat More Plants (and less of everything else). If you want to make the change to a more plant – based lifestyle for your health or the planet’s and you’ve balked at the size of the change, Marco does a great job of breaking the whole challenge into small steps and encouraging you to make just one. He also lays out  some of the nutrition and climate science underlying his approach.

Marco is an exercise physiologist so not a medical expert, but I have read much longer and more science-based tomes and he is following the best in nutrition writing while also making it much easier for you to read and digest his words. If you are looking for a change, this book, if it doesn’t annoy you with its consistently upbeat approach, will be a big help.

The second half of the book is  a recipe collection, sharing easy ways to “Eat More, Weigh Less” (Rule #3), which is a simpler way to talk about the standard american diet’s lack of fiber.




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