The Indian Doctor Series 1

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The Indian Doctor Series 1

Title: The Indian Doctor Series 1
Published: 2012
Call #: DVD TV Indian Series 1

It’s 1963 and the small Welsh mining town of Trefelin doesn’t quite know what to make of the new Indian doctor and his glamorous wife just arrived from Delhi. Besides being a foreigner and therefore a suspicious character, Dr. Prem Sharma has some new fangled ideas on how to treat the populace of his new home. Mrs. Sharma, deeply disappointed that her brilliant husband wasn’t assigned to a posh London practice, astonishes the townsfolk with her exotic saris, perfect make-up and no-nonsense approach to settling in even though she hopes it’s a temporary thing. Issues ranging from inoculating the dubious people when a smallpox outbreak threatens them, suspecting the bad ventilation at the mine is contributing to the miners’ bad health, and all the side stories that focus on the Sharma’s private life as well as the dramas around a few of their new neighbors keep the story moving at a nice clip. Fine acting, excellent production values, and a nice balance between drama and humor kept me coming back for two more seasons and hoping for another.


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