The Lake on Fire by Rosellen Brown

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Adult , Fiction , History

The Lake on Fire by Rosellen Brown

Title: The Lake on Fire
By: Brown, Rosellen
Published: 2018
Call #: Fiction Brown.R

Chaya and Asher’s story circles around and runs through the 1893 Columbian Exposition. The two, immigrants from the old country, flee the midwest farm where they have landed to come to find their fortune in the big city. Chicago, recovered from the Fire of 1871, is booming. The factories, stockyards, sweatshops, brothels employ thousands of recent immigrants, Chaya amongst them. Asher is too young to legitimately work but he is a genius, light-fingered and hungry for knowledge. He earns money or food by performing first for the rich at their soirees and then on the Midway. Chaya falls in love with an improbable choice which causes her to question where she belongs and where her loyalties lie. Marshall Field’s, Jane Addams, the Anarchists, Mayor Carter Harrison, the Prairie Avenue mansions, Dearborn Station, Glossip’s Street Guide, all lend credibility and familiarity to the scene. And we wait for something to blow…



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