The Lost Man by Jane Harper

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The Lost Man by Jane Harper

Title: The Lost Man
By: Jane Harper
Published: 2018
Call #: Fiction Harpe.J

Jane Harper has again offered American readers another gripping and complex tale of life in the Australian outback. The harsh Queensland outback is almost a character in this story of the outwardly happy family no one really knows about. Harper’s recurring motif is how treacherous and unforgiving this environment is. The land is populated with cattle operations spaced miles apart. It’s isolated, brutally hot, with rutted roads and trails that can gouge out a rugged 4-wheel drive’s undercarriage with one well-placed hidden boulder. Leaving a person without survival gear in the vast open spaces between homesteads would be a murderous act. When Cameron Bright’s body is discovered a few miles from his abandoned Jeep, brothers Nathan and Bub are dumbfounded as to why he’d wander off. Of the three of them, Cameron’s ranch and homestead was the most successful and settled. He had a wife and two little girls and was a well-liked member of the tiny community. Though deemed a suicide by the local authorities, Nathan is not convinced. As the family all gathers at Cameron’s home, old issues, painful memories, rivalries and hints of Cameron’s odd behavior in the recent weeks create a tense unraveling of what really happened.


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