The Minimalist Home by Joshua Becker

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The Minimalist Home by Joshua Becker

Title: The Minimalist Home
By: Joshua Becker
Published: 2018
Call #: 241.68 Becke. J

Joshua Becker’s book really made a difference to me; after reading it, I started to work on my home.

The difference between this book and all the others is that this book does NOT assume a decluttered home is the goal. The freedom to pursue your life’s mission is the goal and the cluttered home is simply one of the things standing in your way. This re-framing worked for me. I believe the author when he says your passion and your mission will become easier to discern after you’ve freed yourself of stuff and mess. For me, having my house look better was not that valuable to me (though I am liking what I have done so far) but clearing my mind and heart to focus on my life’s purpose — that sounds much more interesting!

Another thing that was helpful to me is how Mr. Becker goes room by room with you; rules for clearing the garage are different from organizing a home office or re-purposing the kitchen table and it was nice to have approaches for each room spelled out.

I found his emphasis on the lack of value in keeping up with fashion trends or using the color of the year in your furnishings refreshing. This simplicity is an important value of my faith life and I had lost touch with it. This is a perfect January read! (but you can read it anytime that’s right for you.)



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