The Next Pandemic by Ali S. Khan

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The Next Pandemic by Ali S. Khan

Title: The Next Pandemic: On the Front Lines against Humankind's Gravest Dangers
By: Khan, Ali S.
Published: 2016
Call #: 614.4 Khan.A

I do so enjoy these books about dire and gruesome diseases even though along with the thrill comes an accompanying dread as to what lies ahead for our society should any of these maladies become more than something ones reads about in a book. For many that has already happened–ebola, zika, dengue fever, cholera, to name just a few. Khan, a former director of Public Health Response and Preparedness at the CDC, relates his experiences in the world of virus and microbe hunting and that makes for an adventure-filled book. Like the character Zelig in Woody Allen’s film of the same name, Khan seems to be on the scene one way or another for some of the world’s deadliest epidemic incidents, both here and abroad (think the anthrax letters in the U.S. and the first ebola emergence in Africa). In all situations medical personnel like Khan face huge challenges both to their own health and safety in the role they  play as medical detectives. Ironically, even with his official CDC/governmental passport, he has been detained by TSA a number of times because of his name and appearance, and more than once the delays could have cost lives.


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