The Pull of the Stars

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The Pull of the Stars

Title: The Pull of the Stars
By: Emma Donaghue
Published: 2020
Call #: Fiction Donog.E

Best Fiction Book of 2020! An elegiac and immersive story about three life changing days in the life of a nurse in Dublin, working in the unit with pregnant women sick with the 1918 Flu, during WW1. Rather than feeling that I was reading, I felt that I was there, standing within a few feet of Nurse Power, experiencing it all with her — the births and deaths, heroism and pain and loss. Fabulously sad but also in the end a story of defiance. I recommend everyone over age 16 read it.

Donaghue turned this book into her publisher in March 2020 and so wrote and edited it without any idea of what was to come. Somehow her timing & intuition is perfect. (not unlike what happened during the release of Room)



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