The Queen of Nothing by Holly Black

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Adult , Fiction , Humor , Romance , Science Fiction/Fantasy , Young Adult

The Queen of Nothing by Holly Black

Title: The Queen of Nothing
By: Black, Holly
Published: 2019
Call #: YA Fiction Black.H

When Jude, the mortal Queen of Faerie, offers Grima Mog, a warrior cannibal, the position of Grand General, Mog responds, “Me? But…I tried to kill you.” Jude responds, “You’ve described pretty much every important relationship in my life.” That exchange clearly sums up the danger and intrigue that run through this exciting series. Double crosses, triple crosses, broken promises, weasel words, magnificence and horror, humor and clever dialogue, fill this final piece of the trilogy. It is not easy as a mortal or faerie in this kingdom. They may die by poison, by sword, or by drowning but never of boredom.


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