This Tender Land by William Kent Krueger

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Adult , Fiction

This Tender Land by William Kent Krueger

Title: This Tender Land
By: William Kent Krueger
Published: 2019
Call #: Fiction Krueg.W

There are four Vagabonds at the heart of this captivating tale–an odyssey of discovery, love and finding a home. Odie and his big brother Albert, Mose, a Sioux Indian boy who is mute, and Emmy, a loveable and wise 6-year old, all unfortunate orphans on the lam from a horrific institution–the Lincoln Indian Training School–run by Thelma Brickman, a.k.a the Black Witch. It’s 1932 and times are tough for everyone, but really tough for these kids. The set out on their own in a canoe down the Gilead River aiming for St. Louis. In true odyssey form they encounter folks who help them, hurt them, and some who we’re not so sure about. Cliffhangers (some literal) and adventures abound. Our narrator is 13-year old (almost) Odie is a pretty good judge of people and has a solid sense of right and wrong. He’s also a trouble magnet and a brilliant escape artist. The Vagabounds form a strong bond as they face many challenges. They are family to one another. Krueger has done a fine job is giving his readers a real page-turner of a story that also grabs the heart and mind. I loved it!


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