Transcription by Kate Atkinson

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Adult , Fiction

Transcription by Kate Atkinson

Title: Transcription
By: Kate Atkinson
Published: 2018
Call #: Fiction Atkin.K

When you are part of a covert MI5 operation to flush out British pro-German Fifth Columnists in 1940 in England, you may often ask (to yourself, of course) who can you trust. Clever but naive 18-year old Juliet Armstrong is recruited to transcribe recorded conversations between an MI5 agent posing as a Nazi liaison and a small group of local fascists. Her work is boring, puzzling and then terrifyingly adventurous at times.  Her co-workers are opaque, expert at deflecting her curiosity. With their odd habits and quirky methods, she’s never too sure of where they actually stand on things.  With her sharp, witty inner monolog serving as a running commentary, and, yes, a fair amount of pluck (she is, after all, just that sort of English girl), Juliet muddles through this wartime occupation mostly clueless but with growing suspicions. Ten years later, plodding away at a semi-interesting, semi-creative job at BBC Radio with her droll wit intact (but now not so innocent), she is surprised one day to find that when it comes to spy versus spy stuff, you are never really done.


Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.