Twisted Sisters by Jen Lancaster

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Adult , Chick Lit , Fiction

Twisted Sisters by Jen Lancaster

Title: Twisted Sisters
By: Lancaster, Jen
Published: 2014
Call #: Fiction Lanca.J

I have found Jen Lancaster’s fiction hit or miss—I either really love it, or really hate it. Twisted Sisters is the only one that I started out hating and by the end, actually kind of enjoyed.  It took me a really long time to get into this book…. And I do mean REALLY LONG, as in I picked it up multiple times, began reading a bit, and then put it down for so long that I had to go back to the beginning because I didn’t really remember what had happened. A big part of the reason I just couldn’t seem to lose myself in the story is the main character, Reagan Bishop. I flat out didn’t like her. Reagan is a psychologist on the TV show, “I Need a Push”, one of the most popular programs on an Oprah OWN-like cable network.  And boy is she full of herself. Her holier than thou attitude is incredibly off-putting, especially in regards to the way she talks about her sisters and her family. When “I Need a Push” gets picked up by a national television network, the format gets changed and Reagan finds herself fighting for her job. Enter the talents of Deva, a new age healer, who devises an extremely unconventional and unprofessional way to help Reagan solve her problems… Far-fetched?  Yes.  Slow to the start? Yes. A hateful main character? Yes, at least at the beginning. By the end of the story, though, she was…. tolerable. There was some definite growth. And at times, it did make me smile, so for that I will say that it was worth the read.


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