Winter. Series 1

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Adult , Mystery , Televison

Winter. Series 1

Title: Winter. Series 1
Published: 2016
Call #: DVD TV Winter Series 1

In the pilot episode of this intelligently written crime series, Detective Sergeant Eve Winter is pulled back from her calm and comfortable desk job to head a crack team investigating the disappearance of a 15 year-old teenage girl in a small Australian town outside Sydney. When a grave is discovered on an abandoned industrial site with the bodies of five dead girls in it, the investigation becomes a serial murder case with all the earmarks of a murderer who is just getting started. Subsequent episodes have Eve and her team investigating the murder of a young mother that gets conflated into a federal investigation of drug running and sex trafficking. Eve’s team is both helped and hindered by the feds, and a young woman’s safety as a material witness is constantly at risk as the complex and unpredictable plot unfolds. Fine acting by Rebecca Gibney as Eve Winter–soft spoken and cool headed with a special skill at drawing witnesses out. A supporting cast includes Peter O’Brien as Eve’s former lover and co-worker and Matt Nable as the lead federal agent.






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