NaNoWriMo – National Novel Writing Month

November 8, 2017

It only comes but once a year. Every November people all around the world buckle down and take to heart that sage advice from author Jane Yolen on how to write. Put simply: “Butt + chair.” Yes, November is National Novel Writing Month or, for short, NaNoWriMo (which, let us be perfectly frank, is far […]

Fun With Solar Eclipses: See What You Can Before the Lights Go Out

August 16, 2017

Library book displays are a struggle. A real hassle, honestly. You want to make them interesting, highlight books in your collection that don’t go out enough, while at the same time having enough books to replace those that are checked out. You also need to have topics of interest. One of the great shocks of […]

Readalikes: When You Have to Wait to Read

July 20, 2017

How many times has this happened to you? You hear about a pretty awesome sounding book. You go to the library to see if it is in. It’s not (naturally). You decide to place a hold on the item. Then you casually ask how many holds exist on the item already, and discover that the […]

Equity and the Evanston Public Library Collections: Contemporary Fiction

June 8, 2017

Libraries nationwide have been reassessing their collections through the lens of diversity and equity.  As Julie Stivers and Sandra Hughes-Hassell wrote on the YALSA blog in 2015, ” focusing on diversity is not an extra facet of our job. It is central to what we do.” Evanston Public Library is no different but coming up […]


May 10, 2017

Sunday is Mother’s Day and that can mean only one thing: Time to grab every irreverent book about moms off our shelf pronto. Sure, I could write up a list right now that’s comprised entirely of sweet goo, but my mom likes her literature with a little bite to it.  I bet yours does too. […]

Who Reads? Illinois Reads! (2017)

April 18, 2017

Confession time. Libraries have this nasty habit that they indulge in constantly without so much as a by-your-leave from the public.  Now that I’ve mentioned it you’ll be noticing it all the time so proceed to read what I write with care.  You ready? We like to bug people to read more. I know, I […]

The Evanston Literary Festival Is Near! Check Out the Authors Today

April 5, 2017

  Every year our library plays host to some of the fantastic authors participating in the Evanston Literary Festival.  This year is no exception, and we got the inside scoop on some of the authors participating.  With that in mind, I decided to whip up a list of the books by those authors currently available […]

Get Your Mystery On – The Edgar Award Nominees Are In

March 1, 2017

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – the time to read a slew of great mysteries!  And lucky you, you don’t even have to seek them out.  As it happens, the good and kind Edgar Awards are here to select the cream of the crop.  Don’t feel like placing any holds on these […]

Urinetown and the Wide World of Wonderful Water

February 24, 2017

Don’t blink or you’ll miss it!  The Northwestern run of the highly amusing and topical Urinetown is finishing up its run between February 10-26. That means you just have two more days to see it.  Not sure you’ll be able to go?  Well I have good news for you.  You see the musical is highly […]

In Theaters Soon!

February 17, 2017

With Oscar season on the horizon the time has never been better to get a good look at some of the books that have been adapted to the big screen. Haven’t read some of these yet? There’s still time to be first in line! ————————————————————————————- In Theaters March 31st: The Zookeeper’s Wife by Diane Ackerman […]

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