The Falcons Return: The New Girl

March 27, 2017

As many of you already know, each and every year our library plays host to a pair of beautiful peregrine falcons. This year is no different and I’ve had the privilege of watching the two swoop, chatter, and generally make a racket outside my workplace’s window.  However, all is not business-as-usual with the falcons this […]

Who Are the People in Your Neighborhood? Local Evanston Authors On Our Shelves

January 20, 2017

When I tell you that Evanston is full of local authors, that information should hardly shock you.  Being as literary a community as we are, writers are liable to spring up whenever possible.  And, whenever possible, we do try to add their books to our library.  Of course, there are authors like Laurence Gonzales and […]

Spotlight on Evanston: Agate Publishing

May 31, 2016

When moving to any new city, you try to get the lay of the land early on.  Where’s the closest grocery?  The local bookstore?  The library branch (or three!).  And since I moved here from NYC I wanted to immediately know precisely which publishers were local.  Because my previous focus was children’s book publishing, I […]

Spotlight on Evanston: The Collage Cafe

May 25, 2016

There are distinct advantages to belonging to the Evanston Mamas Facebook group.  As a still relatively new transplant (almost a year in!) I continue to explore this wild, untamed wilderness you call “Evanston”.  To aid me in my research I call upon folks who know the ins, the outs, and in the in-betweens.  I suspect […]

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