Homeowners’ Financial Protection and Rights Workshop – Open Communities

logoWednesday, April 26, 7 pm, Community Meeting Room, Main Library

EPL and Open Communities present a workshop focused on consumer advocacy issues related to general home-ownership. Topics covered will include (but are not limited to) appealing property taxes through the County, underwater scenarios and refinancing, how to file an official financial complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and/or Attorney General’s office, and what rights you have should you ever fall behind on your mortgage payments (multiple scenarios including foreclosure will be discussed). The intention of this workshop is to equip homeowners with key information that will benefit and protect them should they experience any general consumer difficulty or economic misfortune. All homeowners will be provided with Open Communities’ contact information, should they ever need to seek advice regarding a specific home-ownership issue in the future.

1703 Orrington Ave. Evanston, IL

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