Downloading Audiobooks

audiobook devicesBrowse our digital book catalog from your internet-enabled computer or compatible tablet device at Free downloadable audiobooks are available to Evanston residents with a valid Library Card.  The Evanston Public Library uses a service called OverDrive to provide you with a selection of thousands of eBooks.  You can browse our eBook collection directly through our digital book catalog,

What do I need to download audiobooks?

Key Borrowing Information

  • Checkout up to five digital books at a time (includes all formats)
  • Set your own lending period – 7 days or 14 days
  • No need to return digital books to the library – they simply expire

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Install Software

Prior to checking out and downloading audiobooks from Digital Library of Illinois, you must download and install the OverDrive Media Console on your computer. View OverDrive’s full instructions for downloading and installing the Console:

Find Audiobooks

Although you can find eBooks in our Library Catalog, the easiest way to browse and search for titles is to visit

Browse for audiobooks by genre in the black menu bar on the upper part of the screen.  Click on a genre or click View more.  On the left navigation pane, further filter your search if you wish.  Mac users should filter and click OverDrive MP3 audiobook.  Click the Available Now button on the upper left side of the screen if you only wish to view audiobooks that are available for checkout.

Advanced Search

Use Advanced Search to efficiently search for an audiobook by author, title, and/or format.  To perform an advanced search, click on Advanced.  Advanced searching is a great option for creating a customized list of audiobooks, combining format, subject, availability, and more.

How to Checkout an Audiobook

  1. Find an item you’d like to checkout and click on the Borrow button
  2. Click Sign In in the upper right hand corner, or click Account
  3. Type Evanston Public Library and select it from the drop down box
  4. Enter your library card number (no spaces) in the box that appears
  5. Click Borrow again, and then click the Go to Bookshelf button that appears
  6. Locate the book on your Bookshelf, click the Other format(s) drop-down box and select the appropriate audiobook format for your computer (i.e. MP3 if using Mac, WMA and MP3 for PC)
  7. Click on Confirm in the dialog box that appears, and then click on the Download button
  8. Follow the prompts to download all parts of the audiobook


If you prefer to transfer an audiobook to an audio device, OverDrive offers detailed transfer instructions, found in the links below.

Windows Users

Mac Users

Downloading Help

If you’re experiencing problems downloading, an EPL librarian will assist you.  Simply fill out the help form, and a librarian will contact you within 24 hours. You can also call the Reference Desk at 847-448-8630 or the Reader’s Services Desk at 847-448-8620.  If a librarian cannot help you solve your problem, then they will contact the support team at OverDrive on your behalf.

OverDrive also provides information about commonly experienced issues on the Help page.  Please note, My Help will not connect you to OverDrive’s support team.  

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