assorted e-readersBrowse our digital book catalog from your internet-enabled computer or compatible tablet device at Free downloadable eBooks are available to Evanston residents with a valid Library Card.  The Evanston Public Library uses a service called OverDrive to provide you with a selection of thousands of eBooks.  You can browse our eBook collection directly through our digital book catalog, Users of Nook Color/Nook Tablet/Nook HD/Nook HD+ may refer to the instructions for mobile devices.

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Downloading Help

If you’re experiencing problems downloading, an EPL librarian will assist you.  Simply fill out the help form, and a librarian will contact you within 24 hours. You can also call the Reference Desk at 847-448-8630 or the Reader’s Services Desk at 847-448-8620.  If a librarian cannot help you solve your problem, then they will contact the support team at OverDrive on your behalf.

OverDrive also provides information about commonly experienced issues on the Help page.  Please note, My Help will not connect you to OverDrive’s support team.  

Other Help Sources

Adobe Digital Editions – Download software to get ebooks on your Nook

Sony Reader Library software – Download software to get ebooks on your Sony Reader.

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