The Ancient World

General Sources on Ancient Civilizations

Bibby, Geoffrey. Four Thousand Years Ago; A World Panorama Of Life In The Second Millennium B.C. Knopf, 1961.
Blois, Lukas de. An Introduction To The Ancient World. Routledge, c1997.
Brosse, Jack, 100,000 Years Of Daily Life; A Visual History. Golden Press, 1961.
A particularly good source for illustrations, although the descriptions of "primitive" cultures may offend modern ears.
Bury, J. B. et. al. The Cambridge Ancient History. Cambridge University Press, 1960.
A multivolume set with thorough coverage of the political and cultural events of the era. Note the "Plates" volumes which have pictures of coins, architecture, clothing.
Cotterell, Arthur. The Encyclopedia Of Ancient Civilizations. Mayflower Books, c1980.

Davison, Michael Worth. Reader’s Digest Everyday Life Through The Ages. Reader’s Digest Association, c1992.

Durant, Will. The Story Of Civilization. Simon and Schuster, 1935.
A landmark history of Western civilization. The 3 volumes listed are especially pertinent to this assignment.
v.1. Our Oriental heritage.
v.2. The life of Greece.
v.3. Caesar and Christ.
McIntosh, Jane and Twist, Clint. Civilizations: Ten Thousand Years Of Ancient History. DK Pub., c2001.

Ancient Egypt

Breasted, James Henry. Ancient Records Of Egypt: Historical Documents From The Earliest Times To The Persian Conquest . Histories & Mysteries of Man, 1988.
Brier, Bob and Hobbs, Hoyt. Daily Life Of The Ancient Egyptians. Greenwood Press, c1999.
David, Rosalie. Handbook To Life In Ancient Egypt. Facts on File, c1998.
Kemp, Barry J. Ancient Egypt: Anatomy Of A Civilization. Routledge, c1989.
Meeks, Dimitri and Favard-Meeks, Christine. Daily Life Of The Egyptian Gods. Cornell University Press, c1996.
Romer, John. Ancient Lives: Daily Life In Egypt Of The Pharaohs. Holt, Rinehart, and Winston, c1984.
Redford, Donald. The Oxford Encyclopedia Of Ancient Egypt. Oxford University Press, c2001.
The most comprehensive reference at EPL on ancient Egyptian life.
Silverman, David P. Ancient Egypt. Oxford University Press, c1997.
Also on 2nd floor and Children’s Reference

Ancient Near East

Bertman, Stephen. Handbook To Life In Ancient Mesopotamia. Facts on File, c2003.
Caubet, Annie and Pouyssegut, Patrick. The Ancient Near East: The Origins Of Civilization. Terrail, c1998.
Nemet-Nejat, Karen Rhea. Daily Life In Ancient Mesopotamia. Greenwood Press, c1998.
Wallenfels, Ronald. The Ancient Near East: An Encyclopedia For Students. Scribner, c2000.
Avi-Yonah, Michael. Encyclopedia Of Archaeological Excavations In The Holy Land. Prentice-Hall c1975-c1978.
Bromiley, George. The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia.W. B. Eerdmans, 1979.
Coogan, Michael D. The Oxford History Of The Biblical World. Oxford University Press, 1998.
Du Buit, F. M. Biblical Archaeology. Hawthorn Books 1960.
Encyclopaedia Judaica. Macmillan. c1971-72.
Although primarily a guide to the Jewish religion, this 16 volume set has many excellent articles on biblical archaeology and daily life in the ancient near east.
Illustrated Dictionary Of Bible Life & Times. Reader’s Digest, c1997.
Miller, Madeleine S. and J. Lane. Harper’s Encyclopedia Of Bible Life. Harper & Row, c1978.
Negev, Abraham. Archaeological Encyclopedia Of The Holy Land. Putnam, 1972.

Ancient Greece and Rome

Boardman, John The Oxford History Of The Classical World. Oxford University Press, 1986.
Connolly, Peter and Dodge, Hazel. The Ancient City: Life In Classical Athens & Rome. Oxford University Press, 1998.
A truly nifty book with detailed photos and reconstructions of dinner parties, sporting events, market places etc. in ancient Greece and Rome.
Cotterell, Arthur. From Aristotle To Zoroaster: An A To Z Companion To The Classical World. Free Press, c1998.
Hornblower, Simon and Spawforth, Antony. The Oxford Companion To Classical Civilization. Oxford University Press, c1998.
Adkins, Roy and Lesley. Handbook To Life In Ancient Greece. Facts On File, c1997.
Flaceliere, Robert. Daily Life In Greece At The Time Of Pericles. Macmillan, 1965.
Garland, Robert. Daily Life Of The Ancient Greeks. Greenwood Press, c1998.
Levi, Peter. Atlas Of The Greek World. Facts on File, c1982.
Mireaux, Émile. Daily Life In The Time Of Homer. Macmillan, 1959.
Sacks, David. Encyclopedia Of The Ancient Greek World. Facts on File, c1995.
Stobart, J.C. The Glory That Was Greece : A Survey Of Hellenic Culture And Civilization. Praeger Publishers, 1969, c1964.
Adkins, Roy and Lesley. Handbook To Life In Ancient Rome. Facts on File, c1994.
Carcopino, Jérôme. Daily Life In Ancient Rome: The People And The City At The Height Of The Empire. Yale University Press , 1940.
James, Paula. Roman Civilization. NTC/Contemporary Publishing, c1999.
Nardo, Don, ed. The End Of Ancient Rome. Greenhaven Press, c2001.
Heurgon, Jacques. Daily Life Of The Etruscans. Macmillan, 1964.

Other Ancient Civilizations

Bogucki, Peter I. and Crabtree, Pam J. Ancient Europe 8000 B.C.--A.D. 1000 : encyclopedia of the Barbarian world. Charles Scribner's Sons, 2004. Also available online (Evanston Public Library card required).
Page, Willie F. Encyclopedia of African History and Culture. Facts on File, c2001.
Foster, Lynn V. Handbook To Life In The Ancient Maya World. Facts on File, c2002.
The Oxford Encyclopedia Of Mesoamerican Cultures: The Civilizations Of Mexico And Central America. Oxford University Press, c2001.

Useful Subject Headings

Bible -- Antiquities
Christian Antiquities
Civilization, Ancient
Egypt -- Antiquities
Jews -- Antiquities
Middle East -- Antiquities
Middle East -- Civilization -- To 622
Rome -- Antiquities

Web Sites

EPL Ancient Egypt bibliography
Barrington Atlas of the Greek and Roman World
Best of History Sites: Ancient and Biblical Anthropology on the World Wide Web
Lacus Curtius: Into the Roman World
Electronic Resources for the Classicist
Egyptology Resources
Historylink 101
The perfect website for "day in the life" classes, with photos, maps, artwork, statistics, biographies and narrative on ancient civilizations.
Internet Ancient History Sourcebook

Magazine and Newspaper Articles

Infotrac General Reference Center Gold
Online database. Can be used from Reference workstations near east windows in the library or from home at the link above. Search by subject, using "Egyptian History" as the search term.
Reader's Guide to Periodical Literature (green books, on index tables)
Each book lists articles about Egypt written in a specific year. Look under "Egypt", then under the subheading "Antiquities". You will then have to go to the Magazines/Newspapers desk to get the articles.
The article descriptions, (or citations) look like this:
Rebirth of a notion [resurrecting the great library of Alexandria] A. E. Schwartz. The Wilson Quarterly v26 no2 p 20-9 Spr 2002
Be sure to write down:
  • The name of the article - Rebirth of a notion [resurrecting the great library of Alexandria]
  • Title of the magazine - The Wilson Quarterly
  • The date- Spr 2002 (the spring 2002 issue)
  • The author - A. E. Schwartz.
  • The page numbers - p 20-9 (pages 20 through 29)
National Geographic Index 1888-1988 (red book, on index tables)
Lists all articles that appeared in National Geographic magazine between 1888 and 1988. Look under "Egypt".
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