I. General Eldercare Issues

III. Independent Living and Aging Issues
III. Caring for Parents, Relatives, and Yourself
IV. Legal Issues
V. Medical Care and Nursing Homes
VI. Living Facilities: Directories and Consumer Guides
VII. Resources for Seniors

I. General Eldercare Issues

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II. Independent Living and Aging Issues

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III. Caring for Parents, Relatives, and Yourself

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IV. Legal Issues

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V. Medical Care and Nursing Homes

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Provides practical and legal advice on caring for those who can no longer care for themselves, including information on dealing with such daily problems as eating and exercising, and suggests ways to cope with mood swings and false ideas.

VI. Living Facilities: Directories and Consumer Guides

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VII. Resources for Seniors

Care Matters:The Directory for Seniors, Caregivers & Professionals: Northwest Indiana and Neighboring Communities in Illinois and Michigan. 2003-2005. (Reference 362.6 Care)
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Compiled by Joan Blecher; Revised, June 2008

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