When the Great Days Come

nullDozois, Gardner.  When the Great Days Come.  2011.  (Science Fiction Dozoi.G)

Gardner Dozois isn't the most prolific science fiction writer, but he's certainly one of the most gifted.  Best known as the long-time editor of Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine, Dozois has quietly earned a reputation as an eloquently vivid storyteller and in his third and latest collection he definitely doesn't disappoint.  Comprised of 18 imaginative tales including Nebula winners "Morning Child" and "The Peacemaker," this combination of recent writing and "best of" selections ranges from classic fantasy, alternative history, horror, and hard sci-fi as Dozois wrestles with the complexities of religious belief and life in human society.  However, it's not only this versatility and the provocative plot lines of gems like "Counterfactual" and "Community" that make Dozois and this collection stand out in the genre.  Along with his nimble creativity, Dozois is an uncommonly lyrical literary craftsman with a finely-tuned ear for dialogue and a knack for bringing fully-formed characters to life.  Whether you're a sci-fi aficionado or new to the genre, When the Great Days Come is highly recommended.  (Russell J., Readers' Services)

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