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Thursday, 31 January 2013 00:00

titleBilbo Baggins has always lived a peaceful and friendly life in the Shire. Bilbo's life was bound to be this way. Of course everything changes when a pack of 13 daring dwarves and Gandalf the Grey show up on his doorstep. You see, the dwarves were looking for someone to "share" an adventure with, and, being dwarves, they have a tendency to enjoy battles and war.
After Bilbo prepares a feast for the dwarves, the dwarves explain their story to Bilbo, the story consists of a a dragon, Smog, and who destroyed their town, forcing the citizens belonging to the town to flee. The 13 dwarves want to take back their territory from Smog, and need the help of Bilbo to do so. After barely convincing Bilbo to join them on the quest, they set out on an adventure. The adventure consists of: out of place towering trolls, goblins with a thirst for revenge, vicious giant spiders, and much more.
Will the group reach Smog? Or perish before setting foot on the dragon's territory? You'll have to read The Hobbit to find out.

If you liked The Hobbit, then you may want to check out the Lord of the Rings trilogy, also by J.R.R Tolkien.

(Isaac, ETHS) 

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