A Chorus Line

titleA Chorus Line. 2003. (DVD 782.14 Choru)

My tickets for The Book of Mormon aren't until May. I liked the non-musical version of The Producers better than the musical one. So, that leaves this show as my all-time favorite musical to date. Hummable, danceable, and telling a moving story of talented Broadway hopefuls auditioning their hearts out for a part in the chorus of some big, splashy unnamed show,  A Chorus Line, the meta-musical of the 80s (the film was released in 1985), is easily re-watchable in my book. If you want to see the true story behind building a musical's chorus line, watch Every Little Step, a documentary following the casting of a 2006 revival of the original.

Now...5---6---7---8---hit it!

(Barbara L., Reader's Services)

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