Parents and Teens

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Coping with a Teenager

Barkley, Russell. Your Defiant Teen : 10 Steps To Resolve Conflict And Rebuild Your Relationship. 2008. (649.125 Barkl.R)Cover Art

Bradley, Michael. Yes, Your Teen Is Crazy! : Loving Your Kid Without Losing Your Mind. 2002. (649.125 Bradl.M)Cover Art

Conlon, Faith. I Wanna Be Sedated : 30 Writers On Parenting Teenagers. 2005. (649.125 Iwanna)Cover Art

Daodes, Joanne. Parenting Jewish Teens : A Guide For The Perplexed. 2007. (296.74 Doade.J)Cover Art

Doe, Mimi. Nurturing Your Teenager's Soul : A Practical Approach To Raising A Kind, Honorable, Compassionate Teen. 2004. (649.125 Doe.M)Cover Art

Elias, Maurice J. Raising Emotionally Intelligent Teenagers : Parenting With Love, Laughter, And Limits. 2000. (649.125 Elias.M)Cover Art

Faber, Adele. How To Talk So Teens Will Listen & Listen So Teens Will Talk. 2005. (306.874 Faber.A)Cover Art

Ginsburg, Kenneth R. A Parent's Guide To Building Resilience In Children And Teens : Giving Your Child Roots And Wings. 2006. (649.1 Ginsb.K)Cover Art

Godfrey, Neale S. Money Still Doesn't Grow On Trees : A Parent's Guide To Raising Financially Responsible Teenagers And Young Adults. 2004. (332.024 Godfr.N)Cover Art

Gore, Ariel. Whatever, Mom : Hip Mama's Guide To Raising A Teenager. 2004. (306.8743 Gore.A)Cover Art

Hutchins, David. Courageous Parenting : The Passionate Pursuit Of Your Teen's Heart. 2000. (649.125 Hutch.D)Cover Art

Kelsey, Candice M. Generation MySpace : Helping Your Teen Survive Online Adolescence. 2007. (305.235 Kelse.C)Cover Art

Levine, Madeline. The Price Of Privilege : How Parental Pressure And Material Advantage Are Creating A Generation Of Disconnected And Unhappy Kids. 2006. (649.156 Levin.M)Cover Art

Linderman, Mike. The Teen Whisperer : How To Break Through The Silence And Secrecy Of Teenage Life. 2007. (649.125 Linde.M)Cover Art

Lippincott, Jenifer. 7 Things Your Teenager Won't Tell You : And How To Talk About Them Anyway. 2005. (649.125 Lippi.J)Cover Art

McMahon, Tom. Teen Tips : A Practical Survival Guide For Parents With Kids 11-19. 2003. (x649.125 Mcmah.T)Cover Art

Melton, Barbara. What In The World Are Your Kids Doing Online? : How To Understand The Electronic World Your Children Live In. 2007. (004.678 Melto.B)Cover Art

Nolte, Dorothy. Teenagers Learn What They Live : Parenting To Inspire Integrity & Independence. 2002. (649.125 Nolte.D)Cover Art

Riera, Michael. Uncommon Sense For Parents With Teenagers. 2004. (649.125 Riera.M 2004)Cover Art

Stepp, Laura Sessions. Our Last Best Shot : Guiding Our Children Through Early Adolescence. 2000. (305.235 Stepp.L)Cover Art

Vos Savant, Marilyn. Growing Up : A Classic American Childhood : What Kids Should Know Before They Leave Home. 2002. (649.1 Vossa.M)Cover Art

Raising a Healthy Teen

Emsellem, Helene. Snooze-- Or Lose! : 10 "no-war" Ways To Improve Your Teen's Sleep Habits. 2006. (616.8498 Emsel.H)Cover Art

Esherick, Joan. Clearing The Haze : A Teen's Guide To Smoking-related Health Issues. 2005. (YA 613.85 Esher.J)Cover Art

Fletcher, Anne. Weight Loss Confidential : How Teens Lose Weight And Keep It Off, And What They Wish Parents Knew. 2006. (613.25 Fletch.A)Cover Art

Heller, Tania. Overweight : A Handbook For Teens And Parents. 2005. (YA 616.398 Helle.T)Cover Art

Hovius, Christopher. The Best You Can Be : A Teen's Guide To Fitness And Nutrition. 2005. (YA 613.7 Hoviu.C)Cover Art

Lopez, Ralph. The Teen Health Book : A Parent's Guide To Adolescent Health And Well-being. 2002. (613.0433 Lopez.R)Cover Art

Marks, Andrea. Healthy Teens, Body And Soul : A Parent's Complete Guide To Adolescent Health. 2003. (613.0433 Marks.A)Cover Art

Martin, Courtney. Perfect Girls, Starving Daughters : The Frightening New Normalcy Of Hating Your Body. 2007. (616.8526 Marti.C)Cover Art

McGraw, Jay. The Ultimate Weight Solution For Teens : The 7 Keys To Weight Freedom. 2003. (YA 613.2508 Mcgra.J)Cover Art

Neumark-Sztainer, Dianne. I'm, Like, SO Fat! : Helping Your Teen Make Healthy Choices About Eating And Exercise In A Weight-obsessed World. 2005. (616.8526 Neuma.D)Cover Art

Strauch, Barbara. The Primal Teen : What The New Discoveries About The Teenage Brain Tell Us About Our Kids. 2003. (155.5 Strau.B)Cover Art

Mental Health

Bellenir, Karen. Mental Health Information For Teens : Health Tips About Mental Wellness And Mental Illness. 2006. (YA 616.89 Mental 2006)Cover Art

Glasser, William. Unhappy Teenagers : A Way For Parents And Teachers To Reach Them. 2002. (649.125 Glass.W)Cover Art

Maxym, Carol. Teens In Turmoil : A Path To Change For Parents, Adolescents, And Their Families. 2000. (305.235 Maxym.C)Cover Art

Paul, Henry A. Is My Teenager OK? : A Parent's All-in-one Guide To The Emotional Problems Of Today's Teens. 2004. (649.125 Paul.H)Cover Art

Roffman, Arlyn. Guiding Teens With Learning Disabilities : Navigating The Transition From High School To Adulthood. 2007. (371.9 Roffm.A)Cover Art

Stein, David B. Stop Medicating, Start Parenting : Real Solutions For Your "problem" Teenager. 2004. (649.125 Stein.D)Cover Art

Teens and Drugs

Aue, Pamela Willwerth. Teen Drug Abuse. 2006. ((ON ORDER))Cover Art

Babbit, Nikki. Adolescent Drug & Alcohol Abuse : How To Spot It, Stop It, And Get Help For Your Family. 2000. (649.4 Babbi.N)Cover Art

Cermak, Timmen. Marijuana : What's A Parent To Believe?. 2003. (362.295 Cerma.T)Cover Art

Ketcham, Katherine. Teens Under The Influence : The Truth About Kids, Alcohol, And Other Drugs-- How To Recognize The Problem And What To Do About It. 2003. (616.861 Ketch.K)Cover Art

Teens and sex

Basso, Michael. The Underground Guide To Teenage Sexuality : An Essential Handbook For Today's Teens And Parents. 2003. (YA 613.95 Basso.M 2003)Cover Art

Berne, Emma Carlson. Teen Pregnancy. 2007. (306.70835 Introdu)Cover Art

Frick, Lisa. Teenage Pregnancy And Parenting. 2007. (306.70835 Current)Cover Art

Immell, Myra. Teens And Sex. 2002. (306.70835 Teens)Cover Art

Weill, Sabrina. The Real Truth About Teens & Sex : From Hooking Up To Friends With Benefits--what Teens Are Thinking, Doing, And Talking About, And How To Help Them Make Smart Choices. 2005. (306.70835 Weill.S)Cover Art

High School and Beyond

Chiarolanzio, Susan. Barron's Head Start To College Planning. 2004. (378.161 Chiar.S)Cover Art

Klein, Alec. A Class Apart : Prodigies, Pressure And Passion Inside One Of America's Best High Schools. 2007. (373.7471 Klein.A)Cover Art

Muster, Regina. College knowledge : the A+ guide to early college planning. 2004. ((YA 378.198 MUS))Cover Art

Ostrum, Eva. The Thinking Parent's Guide To College Admissions : The Step-by-step Program To Get Kids Into The Schools Of Their Dreams. 2006. (378.161 Ostru.E)Cover Art

Shatkin, Laurence. 90-minute College Major Matcher : Choose Your Best Major For A Great Career. 2007. (378.199 Shatk.L)Cover Art

Shaughnessy, Dan. Senior Year : A Father, A Son, And High School Baseball. 2007. (796.357 Shaug.D)Cover Art

Silver, Don. High School Money Book [electronic Resource (eBook)]. 2006. (Downloadable eBook)Cover Art

Wissner-Gross, Elizabeth. What Colleges Don't Tell You (and Other Parents Don't Want You To Know) : 272 Secrets For Getting Your Kid Into The Top Schools. 2006. (378.161 Wissn.E)Cover Art



It's difficult to decide whether growing pains are something teenagers have - or are. ~author unknown

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