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Star Trek - Into Darkness

titleStar Trek - Into Darkness. 2013. (DVD 791.4372 Startre)

Sequels rarely can compare to their predecessors and it is one of the great disappointments in life.  There’s nothing like loving the first film only to be horribly let down by the second.  It’s something that happens all too often and we collectively still watch them anyway.  Star Trek - Into Darkness is not that movie!  This sequel is as good, if not better than the original.  There is so much action and the addition of Benedict Cumberbatch (incredible actor of BBC Sherlock fame) as Kahn (yes, original Wrath of Kahn, Kahn).  Watch as the impulsive Kirk takes the Enterprise to the brink and takes revenge for a fallen captain.  I am so mad that they don’t make these faster.  The Twilight movies came out a year and a half apart and I’m going to have wait another 4 years for the third in the series.  But I’ll be here….waiting. (Kim - Reader's Services)   


Star Trek (2009)


Star Trek. 2009. (DVD 791.4372 Startre)

Color me an action movie junky.  I’m a sucker for it all with Die Hard and Taken being inarguably among the greatest of all time.  So imagine my surprise when I watched this movie, fully expecting sci-fi and aliens, and got AWESOME action.  The reboot of this series is all about in your face action on distant planets.  Aliens and the sci-fi nature of the show play second fiddle to the characters of Kirk, Spock, Doc, and Uhura.  Zachary Quinto is ridiculously good the new Spock and devotees will like the brash Chris Pines as Kirk.  Also, pay attention to a key plot point, which is a Back to the Future type twist with the space-time continuum and an original member of the Star Trek family making an appearance.  DO NOT BE FOOLED – this movie is not just for “trekkies” or lovers of science fiction, it is just a great action film with a solid plot and characters you'll learn to love. (Kim - Reader's Services)      


American Savage

titleSavage, Dan.  American Savage: Insights, Slights, and Fights on Faith, Sex. Love, and Politics. 2013. (306.766 Savag.D)

There’s nothing quite like a middle-aged, gay, married, “monogamish” man to put your love life into perspective.  In this book famed sex columnist, Dan Savage tells it like it is, from his views on church being brought up Catholic in Chicago to how his son reacts when people suggest he’ll be gay because his dads are.  He brings up some cogent arguments about cheating and truth telling.  I cannot find any fault in his logic and that pisses me off because I am one of the people he pities having been raised to believe that one person could/would be my everything.  I have read his columns in The Onion for years, and in a way, this book ruined my life because I respect his advice but cannot make myself change to live by his teachings.  It is a great read though (as long as you are liberal, honest, not easily offended, and actually have a sense of humor).  (Kim - Reader's Services)  


The Measure of All Things


Alder, Ken.  The Measure of All Things: the Seven-Year Odyssey and Hidden Error that Transformed the World.  2002.  (526.1 Alder.K)

One quadrant of the earth's polar circumference (i.e. the surface distance from pole to equator) measures about 10,002 kilometers.  It would be precisely 10,000, but in the 1790s two teams commissioned by the French Academy of Sciences undermeasured the distance from Dunkirk to Barcelona by about .02%.  Thus the length calculated for the new "meter" came up a bit short.

Evanstonian Ken Alder, who lives 1000.2 meters from the main library, explains why such a universal standard was sought in the 18th-century world of varied and confusing measures.  And he describes clearly the tools and techniques that enabled team leaders Pierre-Francois-Andre Mechain and Jean-Baptiste-Joseph Delambre to nearly nail it.  But the book is mostly about the challenges of topography, political unrest, and human fallibility that produced the marginal error.

Read more: The Measure of All Things


The Innocents

titleSegal, Francesca. The Innocents. 2012. (Fiction Segal.F)

Told from the point-of-view of the newly engaged Adam, this is the story of a man who has never seen a reason to question anything about his life until his worldview is shaken by the arrival of his fiancee's sexy black sheep cousin who is fleeing a scandal in New York. In response to Edith Wharton's rabid anti-semitism, Francesca Segal has set this modern update of The Age Of Innocence in the tightly knit, conservative community of Jewish Holocaust descendants in NW London in which she was reared. This makes for a mixture that is equal parts affectionate, claustrophobic, amusing and horrifying.

(Nancy E., North Branch)


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