Laptop Vending Machine

Checkout a laptop computer at our Laptop Vending Machine with your Evanston Public Library card. (Here’s how to get a library card if you don’t have one).

Where Is the Laptop Vending Machine Located?

The Laptop Vending Machine is located in the Robert Crown Community Center (1801 Main Street), on the East wall outside of the Robert Crown Branch Library, and is available to use during Robert Crown Community Center’s open hours. Free parking is available.

What Computers Are Available?

In the Laptop Vending Machine, there are 6 Chromebooks, which use Chrome OS, and 6 Dell laptops, which use Windows OS. All computers come with a charger and a computer mouse.

What Is the Checkout Period?

The checkout period is 2 weeks (14 days), and the laptop will be remotely shut off the day after the due date.

Please Note: Machines are wiped electronically after each return, so nothing can be saved or recovered. We encourage people to save on the cloud (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc). Questions about this? Call 847-448-8630.

Where Do I Return the Laptop?

Simply return your laptop back to the vending machine, using your library card. (Please note: There is no fee for late returns. However, if the laptop is lost or damaged, there is a fee of $150 for the laptop and $10 for the charger.)

Need Wi-Fi?

With your Evanston Public Library Card, you can also reserve a Wi-Fi Hotspot. You will be notified when it is available, and then you can pick it up at the library. Also, to find free Wi-Fi locations in Evanston, you can check this map.

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