Local Art @ EPL: Lea Basile-Lazarus & Susan Gundlach

January 6, 2020

Responding to Our Days
An Exhibition of Art and Poetry
Lea Basile-Lazarus
Susan Gundlach
This exhibit presents responses to specific, individual circumstances as well as to more far-reaching social, political, and ecological issues of our times. A common theme that emerges is the idea of home and its connotations of shelter, roots, belonging, safety, affection — a secure place where one can flourish. This concept reaches beyond individual dwellings to larger neighborhoods and communities; and with the current emphasis on our endangered environment, we have consciously extended the idea of home to include our entire home planet Earth. The burden on today’s young people and future generations is heavy if humans are to ever come close to John Ruskin’s definition of home as “the place of Peace; the shelter not only from all injury, but from all terror, doubt, and division. In so far as it is not this, it is not home.” —John Ruskin, English critic of art, architecture, and society (1819-1900)
Through the complementary relationship of art and poetry, the exhibit explores reactions to everyday occurrences, like changes in the weather, as well as such difficult concerns as immigration and gun violence. The theme of home, sometimes lighthearted and other times somber, runs through all of the artwork and poems on display.


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