Library of Things

What is the Library of Things?

A Library of Things (LoT) is a collection of useful items that supports lifelong learning, curiosity and enjoyment, enhancing how we live, work and play, while unburdening users from having to purchase, maintain and store items they occasionally use.

Additionally, the LoT aims at providing equitable access to items that support and build community, promote the acquisition of new skills, and the enjoyment of recreational activities.

The Library of Things supports Evanston’s environmental efforts outlined in its Climate Action and Resilience Plan by promoting sharing vs owning practices and encouraging consumption reduction.

What is in the collection?

Currently, the collection has a few items in each of these categories:

  • Kitchen equipment
  • Recreational items
  • Musical instruments
  • Home Tools
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Electronics & Technology
  • STEM / Learning Kits

As we build the collection, taking into account community feedback and needs, we will increase the variety of items and categories

Who can check LoT items out?

Anyone with an EPL card in good standing. You can only check out one LoT item at a time. Some items also require a signed waiver before you can check them out.

Where can I find the collection?

You can find the collection on the Main Library’s 3rd floor. You can also place a hold on every item.

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